Top 10 Progressive Slot Tips

Top 10 Progressive Slot Tips

The first question we often get from our users, is how many types of slots are there?  The most easy way to find out, is go and see this slots infographic.

progressive-slots-jackpotLike in Las Vegas at any one time you are going to find the accumulative value of all online progressive slot games is going to be in the tens of millions of Pounds, Euros and Dollars range, and the fact that any player has a chance, albeit it a tiny one, of hitting an instant life changing jackpot win when playing online progressive games this does of course keep these kinds of games at the top of many players lists of games they play whenever logged into an online casino!

We have below put together a range of the very best top 10 progressive slot game playing tips, no one, and that includes the actual owners and operators of an online casino can tell when a progressive jackpot slot is going to award its highest winning payout, but by knowing how these games are structured and how and when to play them your already tiny chance of winning a progressive jackpot may be ever so slightly increased!

Maximum Lines or Coins – Always make sure you familiarize yourself with the way any progressive jackpot slot game works, as by doing so you will discover whether you need to activate and put into play a certain number of coins or paylines to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, failing to put into the required number of paylines and/or coins per spin you play will result in you having no chance what so ever of winning the progressive jackpot attached to that particular slot game!

Average Hit Amounts – Over time it is possible to track just when, on average, a progressive slot game pays out it jackpot. Therefore by working out what amount on average is paid out to each jackpot winner then a player can increase their winning chances by only ever playing that slot when its current jackpot is way above its usual payout amount.

Standalone Progressives – There are some online progressive slots that are stand alone games, and the only person feeding the progressive jackpot prize pool is you. As such you should avoid playing these types of online slots for at the end of the day the jackpots they award have been fed by your stake money alone and as such you are not going to be winning a life changing jackpot should the progressive jackpot paying combinations spin in!

Random Progressive Slots – We have noticed, as has a lot of progressive slot players that those slots which award randomly awarded progressive jackpots can and very regularly do award them to players playing those games for very low stakes. This has led to a very popular playing strategy being born, and this is whereby a player will set a progressive slot to play for hundreds or thousands of spin via the auto play setting on the lowest coin and stake values.

Every spin the player then makes via the auto play setting gives them a chance of winning the progressive jackpot! By using the auto play option that player can either go and do something else whilst the slot is playing out or when playing at a Microgaming powered site can open up another game via the tabbed browser feature and play that game whilst the progressive slot is playing away in the background!

Bonuses and Progressives – Many online casinos never permit bonuses awarded by them to their players to be used on progressive slot games, so one tip is for you to check and then double check that you can indeed play a progressive slot game with a bonus if you have been awarded one and wish to play these kinds of slot games, if you play one and win and the bonus rules have stated you cannot play a progressive with a bonus any winnings you make will be voided, so be warned!

Maximum Monthly Cash Outs – Always and we do mean always, make sure you check as to whether the online casino you are playing that has any maximum monthly cash out rules in place. When playing at Microgaming powered casino sites should you win a progressive jackpot then all winnings are paid out to you in one payment, however some other casinos using other software providers will only let you cash out a certain amount each month.

Imagine how you would feel having to wait for months or years to finally get paid out all of your progressive jackpots value! So stick to casinos which will pay you any and all progressive jackpot payouts in one lump sum.

Progressive Slot WinnerRecently Hit Jackpots
– If a progressive jackpot paying slot game has paid out a jackpot far in excess of its average payout amount then history has proved that another progressive jackpot could be won in a short amount of time after the huge winning payout was awarded, this is never a guarantee that another jackpot will be won, but as many players have won a progressive shortly after a huge jackpot has been paid out it may be worth allocating a little play time to such slots.

Networked Progressive Slots – Be aware that there are a number of mobile casino sites that use the software platforms from companies such as Microgaming and Playtech, and when playing a progressive slot of the same name on these mobile platforms you do have exactly the same chance of winning the jackpot when accessing and playing them an a mobile device as you do when playing them via a computer!

Low Stake Progressive Slots – You will find some slot machines such as the Tunzamunni game from Microgaming has very low fixed coin values, and with the coin values on offer being static at 0.05 this game does appeal to low rolling players, however be aware its progressive jackpot is not won as regularly as on other progressive games offered on the Microgaming platform, so keep that fact in mind if you do play it!

Free Play progressive Slots – You are not going to be able to test drive Microgaming’s range of progressive slots via a free play option, however many of the progressives slots available at Playtech powered sites can be played for free, however when you play those games via the free play log in the progressive jackpot part of the pay table will not be activated, and you can only keep any slot game winnings when playing for real!

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